List of State Education Departments and Related Math Documentation

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The list below includes links to State Education Departments' home pages and, where available, to standards or other documentation relating to mathematics at the state level.

We try hard to keep the list below up to date as the web addresses do tend to change on occasion.

Note: Most States will be incorporating the Common Core Standards For Math in the near future and many of the Standards documents listed below will likely be revised.

Alabama Mathematics 2013
Alaska Standards and Grade Level Expectations
Arizona Common Core Standards - Mathematics
Arkansas Common Core Standards
California California Content Standards
Colorado Grade Level Specific Standards Booklets
Connecticut Mathematics
Delaware Curriculum Development Tools
District of Columbia Public Schools Common Core State Standards
Florida MAFS: Mathematics Standards
Georgia Mathematics Standards
Hawaii Common Core Standards
Idaho Content Standards and Assessments
Illinois Model Mathematics Curriculum
Indiana Mathematics
Iowa Mathematics
Kansas Curricular Standards
Kentucky Combined Curriculum Document
Louisiana Academic Standards
Maine Grade Level Expectations: Grades 3 - 8
Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum
Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
Michigan Curriculum Planning
Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards
Mississippi Mathematics
Missouri Missouri Learning Standards
Montana Common Core Standards: Mathematics
Nebraska Academic Standards
Nevada Math Standards by Grade Level
New Hampshire Mathematics
New Jersey New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.
New Mexico Mathematics Standards
New York Learning Standards and Core Curriculum
North Carolina Mathematics: Standard Course of Study
North Dakota Content Standards - Mathematics
Ohio Mathematics Academic Content Standards
Oklahoma Mathematics - Home
Oregon Mathematics
Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Mathematics
Rhode Island K – 8 Mathematics Grade-Level Expectations
South Carolina Common Core State Standards
South Dakota Content Standards
Tennessee Mathematics
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Mathematics
Utah Elementary Mathematics
Vermont Common Core Standards
Virginia Standards & Testing of Learning (SOL)
Washington Mathematics
West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives Policies
Wisconsin Mathematics in Wisconsin
Wyoming Mathematics Standards

Check with your child's school to determine what math skills are expected in your location.


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