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Decimals - Thousandths

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Block showing one whole unit 1 whole unit can be split into 1,000 equal parts. Each part is one thousandth. place value block showing 1000 thousandths


Or we can show the same thing this way:

Block showing one whole unit One (1) whole unit
Block showing one whole split into tenths Split into ten equal parts (tenths)
block showing 100 hundredths Each tenth split into ten equal parts (hundredths)
place value block showing 1000 thousandths Each hundredth split into ten equal parts
block representing 1 thousandth Each part is one thousandth


Numbers with place value

When we write numbers with thousandths using decimals we use a decimal point and places to the right of this decimal point. The thousandth place is three places to the right of the decimal point.

  label for decimal point holder lable for tenths place label for hundredths place label for thousandths place
389/1000 = .389 . 3 8 9
We read this number as three hundred eighty-nine thousandths


Examples of numbers with thousandths

Blocks Fraction Decimal Notes
block representing 1 thousandth 1/1000


one thousandth

blocks showing two thousandths 2/1000


two thousandths

blocks showing three hundredths blocks showing seven thousandths 37/1000


thirty-seven thousandths

Note: three hundredths = thirty thousandths
( .03 = .030 )

block showing one tenthblock showing four thousandths 104/1000


one hundred four thousandths

Note: one tenth = one hundred thousandths
( .1 = .100)
blocks showing 5 tenthsblocks showing four hundredthsblocks showing 5 thousandths 545/1000


five hundred forty-five thousandths

one whole unitblock representing 1 thousandth 1 1/1000


one and one thousandth

one whole unit2 tenthsblocks showing six hundredthsblocks showing three thousandths 1 263/1000


one and two hundred sixty-three thousandths


The worksheets below will help practice working with decimals and place values to the right of the decimal point.



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