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On this page we proudly showcase some of the math resources that we (all three of us) at want to show off.

These aren't necessarily the most used, most requested, or most representative of all the resources; For want of a better term, we just think that they're the coolest!

Like all the resources on, our favorites below will help you to tutor your children on math.

Worksheet Generator

This worksheet generator has been developed to allow for practice with basic multiplication or addition or subtraction. You can enter your own range of numbers to create questions of your preferred type or difficulty. Questions are randomly generated so there are a limitless variety of question combinations that can feature on the worksheet.
extract from worksheet generator

Words Chart

A visitor to the site requested a chart that listed numbers to 100 in both numeric and word format to help her ESL students. Since it was a quiet day, David decided to try his limited programming skills and created (based on a script by Milorad Ivovic) this customizable Numbers as Words Chart that allows start numbers and intervals to be entered to give personalized version of the chart.

There are lots more math charts here.
numbers as words chart

Target Game

Terry produced this target game in which you have to hit the correct answer. Like much of his work, this game uses two files - one of which is a relatively simple text file that contains the questions and answers. This means that it's very easy to create new games and there's no need to redo the complicated and clever multimedia programming.
P.S. Anyone with their own website can contact us and we'll give you the files and instructions you need to make your own target game.

You'll find more fun math games right here.
example of math target game

Percentage Chart

Another "special request" was a chart showing what 15% of $1 through $100 is. This customizable Percentage Chart was the result.
percentage chart extract

Drag n' Drop Games

These "matching card" type activities easy and fun to try. One of the most linked to resources on is this Matching Equivalent Fractions game and it is just one example of this type of activity.

You'll find multiplication variations on this game here.

Note: The Drag n'Drop Games have been created in a similar way to the Target Games which makes it very easy to make additional games with different questions and answers.
extract from fractions matching game

Customizable Hundred's Chart

This customizable Hundred's Number Chart chart will probably be used most between pre-kindergarten and early grades. It is set up to show the numbers 1 through 100 although you can enter a start value, an interval, the number of rows and columns, and there are other options to allow you to create a wide variety of charts.
Example of hundreds number chart