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The addition flashcards are formatted so they can be printed and folded to allow you to keep up with whatever speed your child works through the flashcards. They will help you when you are tutoring your children and when you are helping memorize addition and subtraction facts.

The addition tables and charts are a single-page documents that your child can use memory aides.

Addition table

Use the Print Addition Table option and then let your child use the document to help with memorizing the addition facts.

Addition Facts Chart/ Square

The two addition charts below show addition and subtraction facts within 20.

You can show or hide numbers on the large Addition/ Facts Chart listed above and use it as a "fill in the blanks" type exercise.

List of Printable Flashcards

The addition flashcard documents below have up to eight pages and each page contains four addition questions.

Using the flashcards for addition practice

  1. Each of the documents above has multiple pages. Select the Print Flash Cards option and print all (or the number you wish) pages.
  2. Cut pages into two as shown on the cards.
  3. Fold each card along the fold line
  4. Arrange and stack the addition flashcards and work through the stack with your child at whatever speed suits. Note the questions and answers on the flip-side of each card that are shown to help you check your child's responses.

Online Addition Flashcards

The flash cards listed below show addition questions that are random and never ending so they will allow for lots of practice with addition facts.


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