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Each addition worksheet contains between 20 and 30 questions. These questions will give your child additional help with math homework. The worksheets cover the addition of whole numbers.

And, for a little fun, try this addition game that will help with memorizing basic math facts - in this case, with sums to 9.

You can also have a go at this version of the game with sums to 19.

happy face iconHave a look at this addition worksheet generator. You can select a range for both the numbers to be added to create your own type or difficulty of question. You can also display limitless combinations of sums since questions are randomly generated.

Adding Three Numbers

happy face iconThere is also another worksheet generator that provides limitless addition questions. It allows for addition (as well as subtraction) of multi-digit numbers.

happy face iconAnd yet another worksheet generator! This one allows for an unlimited number off addition questions to be generated (in a stacked/ vertical format) that can have between 2 and 8 addends. The numbers involved can also be set between 1 and 8-digits.

You will find a page here listing Addition and Subtraction (combined) Worksheets. Practicing addition and subtraction together promotes an essential understanding of the relationship between adding and subtracting.

Using the worksheets

All the addition worksheets have an print option and a second page that shows answers. Use the Print Worksheet option or the print function on your web browser to print the worksheets you need. To get an answer sheet, check the Show Answers box and then print another copy.


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