Elementary Algebra

This section on elementary algebra will be expanded over time. There are lessons and worksheets that will help you when you are tutoring your children and helping them to develop their algebraic thinking and reasoning skills.

Topics covered include:

  • Number Patterns and Relationships,
  • Solving Equations,
  • Generating and Plotting Ordered Pairs,
  • Powers and Exponents, and
  • Squares and Square Roots.

These are summarized in more detail below.

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extract from numbers patterns lesson

The Generating and Analyzing Number Patterns lesson includes worked examples that use function tables to show number patterns and relationships between input and output values.

example of how to solve a simple equation

There is an explanation of what equations are and how letters are used in them as placeholders.

Illustrated examples of solving equations by "doing the same to both sides" using addition and subtraction operations.

Solving simple equations with multiplication and division is covered here.

There is also a page that shows how to solve equations using a two-step process.
e.g. 2n + 4 = 10.

example of solving an equation using a two-step operation

example from exponents sub-section

The concept of Powers are introduced here with an explanation and examples covering how bases and exponents are used and evaluated. There are also explanations and examples covering exponent rules.

There are a number of examples showing how Scientific Notation can be used to represent very large and very small numbers. extract from scientific notation example page

There is a sub-section that introduces and explains the concepts of squares and square roots.

extract from squares and square root page

extract from number patterns and relationships lesson

Generating Patterns & Identifying Relationships looks at the number sequences and their relationships. Includes pre-test and post-test worksheets.

Leading on from the lesson above, Graphing Ordered Pairs examines how ordered pairs can be plotted on a coordinate grid and their relationship shown by joining the points with a line.

extract from graphing ordered pairs lesson

Algebra Worksheets

You'll find over 25 related worksheets here that will help with both practicing solving simple equations and with identifying and evaluating powers using bases and exponents.

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