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This By Subject section lists math resources under their subject heading. The Addition and Subtraction sections include worksheets, tables, charts and flashcards. The Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Ratio & Proportion, Percentages, and Geometry sections also have tips to help you help your child work through the printable worksheets that are listed under each of these subjects. There are also two newer sections; Algebra and Math Word Problems.

What other math stuff is listed by subject?

Place Value

example of place value in numbers sectionThe Place Value section includes help on Place Value, Comparing numbers, and Rounding.


example from multiplication section


You'll find some handy, fun, multiplication games from the Multiplication page

example from division section


There is help and guidance on the Teaching Division page as well as a list of divisibility rules.

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Telling Time

Under Telling Time can be found lessons, activities, and worksheets to help students from kindergarten onwards with telling and writing time. Includes time to the hour and half hour and at five minute intervals.


The Fractions section has a online fraction calculator, help with equivalent fractions, fraction games, and more

example from fractions section
example from decimals section


Under Decimals you will get help with multiplying and dividing decimals and with converting decimals to fractions


There are illustrated examples of how to calculate percentage in the (you guessed it) Percentages section along with a handy online percentage calculator

example from percentages section


The Geometry page provides links to geometry terms and definitions among other things

example from geometry section
example from algebra section


The Pre-Algebra section is just getting started. For now there are illustrated examples showing how to solve simple equations and an introduction to bases and .exponents

Word Problems

Another quite new section is the Math Word Problems one. There is help with multiplicative comparison and multi-step problems. There are also word problem worksheets.

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Explore these resources by choosing from either the links above or by selecting from the menu options at the top.


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