Geometric shapes: 3-dimensional

Listed and illustrated below are some of the more common types of 3 dimensional (3D) shapes that your child might learn about at school.

List of 3D shapes



Rectangular Prisms 3 examples of erctangular prisms
Triangular Prisms 3 examples of triangular prisms
Hexagonal Prisms 2 examples of hexagonal prisms
Square Pyramids 2 examples of square prisms
Rectangular Pyramid example of rectangular pyramid
Triangular Pyramid example of triangular prism
Hexagonal Pyramid example of hexagonal pyramid
Cylinders 2 examples of cylinder shapes
Cones 2 shaded examples of the cone shape
Spheres 2 examples of sphere shaped objects

Printable Geometry Worksheets

Print out and try the following two worksheets on identifying 3D shapes:

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