This geometry section will help your child to become familiar with the basic concepts of planes, spaces, points, lines, the x-y-z coordinate system, angles, circle geometry, perimeters, area, and volume.

Note: Each of the sub-sections listed below includes a listing of related geometry worksheets for practice with the concepts.

What is in the geometry section?

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Geometry Worksheets

Practice with almost 100 geometry, each with optional answer sheet.

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Terms & Definitions

Define geometry terms. e.g. those associated with lines, angles, triangles, etc.

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Formulas & Equations

View a listing of common geometry formulas. e.g. for calculating circumference, area, and volume.

Shapes and Figures
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2D Shapes

See descriptions and illustrations of various 2D Shapes. e.g. polygons, triangles, parallelograms.

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3D Shapes

View illustrations of common 3D shapes such as pyramids, cones, cylinders, spheres, etc.

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Discover the properties of special types of quadrilaterals including the Rhombus and the Kite.

Lines and Angles
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Measuring Angles

Take a foundation lesson on angles that illustrates how angle measurement is related to parts of a circular rotation.

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Using a Protractor

Learn how to use a protractor to measure angles and draw angles.

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Adding & Subtracting Angles

Calculate unknown angles by adding and subtracting adjacent angles.

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Angle Properties

Explore the relationships between supplementary, corresponding, and alternate angles

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Finding Angles

Find "missing angles" by using the relationships between angles formed by various shapes.

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Try the lesson on lines of symmetry with activities and worksheets to develop and understanding of symmetry.

Area and Volume
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Calculate area of different shapes and learn about of the various associated units of measurement.

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Use formulas to calculate the volume of rectangular prisms, cylinders, cones, and spheres.

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Surface Area

Discover how nets are used to help understand and calculate the surface area of 3D shapes.

Icon for the Perimter sub-section

Find the perimeter of various shapes including rectangles, squares, and other polygons.

Coordinate System
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Coordinate System

Explore how x and y-axes on a grid are used to locate the coordinates of ordered pairs.

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Coordinate Graphing

Graph coordinate pairs representing real-world linear relationships.

Pythagorean Theorem
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Pythagoras' Theorem

Calculate the length of a right-triangles sides using Pythagoras' Theorem.

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Distance Between Two Points

Find the distance between two points given two coordinates.

Congruence, Similarity & Transformations
Icon for the congruent triangles and other shapes sub-section
Congruent Triangles

Get started with transformations with a lesson on congruence of triangles and other shapes.

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Similar Triangles

Understand the concept of similarity with triangles and other similar shapes.

Icon for the transformations sub-section

Take a lesson on transformations including translations, rotations, and reflections.

Icon for the dilations page

Transform the size of shapes with dilations calculate and plot transformations on a Cartesian plane.

You will find a printable graph paper generator here that will assist when working with some of the examples in this section.

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