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We'll use this blocks showing 100 place value block to show one hundred.

Let's look at how we can show numbers using these hundred blocks.

What does 247 look like?

247 using number blocks

What does 422 look like?

the number 422 in blocks


What does 571 look like?


Watch where the 0 goes

Look at the numbers 206 and 260 below. It is very important to use 0 when there are no ones or tens or hundreds. The place where the 0 goes makes a big difference.

Illustration showing difference between 206 and 260

Discuss with your children the important role zero plays in our place value system. For example, with the number 206, the zero acts as a place holder; it shows the position of the tens’ place and makes it clear where the hundreds position is. Similarly, with the numbers 500 and 5000, emphasize that the zeros show the position of the 5. Avoid stating that the numbers ending in 00 are hundreds or ending in 000 are thousands. Instead discuss how the 5 is in the hundreds or thousands place. This a subtle point but helps develop a full understanding of place value.

You don't need to include the zeros at the left of the number.

58 illustrated as 0 hundreds, 5 tens, and 8 ones

We think 0 hundreds, 5 tens, and 8 ones.
We write 58.
We say fifty-eight.

Try these two charts to help your child practice with place values with numbers to 999.

  • Place Value Chart #3 - Highlight the hundreds, tens, and ones blocks to match the number shown on the right-hand side.
  • Place Value Chart #4 - Write the value of the hundreds, tens and the ones to make the number shown on the right.

Hint: Uncheck the "Show Numbers" box to print charts onto which you can write any number you like.

Try this worksheet to practice with place value.


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