What is a Histogram?

Histograms are a special type of bar graph that show the distribution of data. In histograms, frequency is represented by the area of each column unlike many bar charts where the height, alone, of each column represents the frequency.

The example below is a bar chart. Histograms show numeric ranges along the x-axes. In the example below the sports are not numeric. Charts like these should not be confused with histograms.

bar chart

What is a Histogram?

The chart and related histogram below show the heights of the children in Mr. Bland's 6th Grade Class

Height (cm)

Number of Students

135 - 139 2
140 - 144 5
145 - 149 6
150 - 154 8
155 - 160 3
160 - 165 1

Histogram showing heights and frequencies

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