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Number Lines & Perpendicular Lines

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Number lines are like rulers because they are divided into equal sections that are marked with numbers according to an increasing/decreasing pattern, depending on the direction you are moving along the line. Before you begin doing some coordinate graphing, it is important to make sure you can navigate a number line correctly.

Answer the questions below, using the number line as a reference.

number line from -10 to 10 with points annotated

1. Which letter is located at -8 on the number line?  A  
2. What number does the point B represent?  2  
3. How many units separate points T and V?  7  
4.What number does the point Q represent?  -10  
5. Which letter is located at 4 on the number line?  V  
6.What number does the point T represent?  -3  
7 If you begin at point B and move six units in a positive direction, at which point will you be?  C  
8. If you begin at point V and move twelve units in a negative direction, at which point will you be?  A  

Circle the figure(s) which show(s) perpendicular lines:


2 intersecting lines


2 perpendicular lines


2 intersecting lines


2 parallel lines

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