Coordinate Graphing: Post-assessment

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1. There is a $25 annual fee for membership at the gym. It also costs $5 per visit to use the gym. Fill in the function table to show the cost of x visits to the gym. Write the ordered pairs, and graph the data on the coordinate graph.

Y = 25 + 5x
0   25  
2   35  
4   45  
6   55  
8   65  

Order Pairs : (0 , 25 ) (   2 , 35    ) (  4  , 45  ) (   6  , 55   ) ( 8 , 65   )

Plot the points and draw the line graph:

blank coordinate graph in quadrant I

Solutiongraph showing line y = 25 + 5x


If you visit the gym 5 times, how much will it cost?   $25 + (5 x 5) = $50  

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