Right-angled triangles: pythagorean theorem(1 of 2)

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Calculate and write the missing length for each of the right-angle triangles below. Round to two decimal places where necessary. The first one is done for you.

3 x 4  right angle triangle

5 cm


5 x 12 right angled triangle
   13 cm    

1 x 4 right angled triangle
   4.12 cm    

6 x 3 right angled triangle

   6.71 cm    

24 x 7 right angled triangle

  25 cm    

7 x 7 right angled triangle

   9.90 cm    

6 x 11 right angled triangle
   12.53 cm    

7 x 10 right angled triangle

   12.21 cm    

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Apply the Pythagorean Theorem to determine unknown side lengths in right triangles in real-world and mathematical problems in two and three dimensions.


Pythagorean Theorem


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