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Interpreting Scaled Picture Graphs #1

You will find guidance and examples here that will help with this worksheet.

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The scaled picture graph below shows how many of each category of TV channel are available from one provider. View the graph and then answer the questions that follow.

A rectangle with 2 sides of 35 and 2 unknown sides
  1. How many channels does one TV as a symbol representing a channel represent? 2
  2. Which category has the most channels? Sports
  3. How many News channels are provided? 9

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Draw a scaled picture graph and a scaled bar graph to represent a data set with several categories. Solve one- and two-step "how many more" and "how many less" problems using information presented in scaled bar graphs. For example, draw a bar graph in which each square in the bar graph might represent 5 pets.


Bar and Picture Graphs


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Represent and interpret data


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