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Mean, Median, Mode, & Range #2

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1. The heights in centimeters of all the students in Ms. Joiner's 6th Grade Class are shown below.

Heights in cm. of all students in Ms. Joiner's 6th Grade Class
152 135 157 154 152 141 168
159 161 161 152 160 153 159
138 164 154 156 149 145 158
162 153 141 151 154 152 158

Answer the following questions based on the heights of all the students.

a. How many students are in the class?   28  


b. What is the total of all their heights?   4299 cm   


c. The   mean   height can be found by total of all heights ÷ number of heights.


d. The   range   is the difference between the largest and smallest value.


e. What is the mean height?   153.5 cm   


f. What is the median height?   154 cm   





g. What is the mode?   152 cm   


h. What is the range?   33 cm   



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