Telling Time To The Nearest Five Minutes

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Write the times shown below with numbers and by writing the number of minutes past the hour.


Clock showing 2:15

2:15 or
15 minutes after
2 o'clock


Clock showing 4:20

  4:20  or
  20   minutes after
  4  o'clock


Clock showing 6:25

  6:25  or
  25   minutes after
  6  o'clock


Clock showing 5:05

  5:05  or
  5   minutes after
  5  o'clock


Clock showing 9:45

  9:45  or
  45   minutes after
  9  o'clock


Clock showing 10:55

  10:55  or
  55   minutes after
  10  o'clock


Clock showing 12:35

  12:35  or
  35   minutes after
  12  o'clock


Clock showing 5:20

  5:20  or
  20   minutes after
  5  o'clock


Clock showing 11:55

  11:55  or
  55   minutes after
  11  o'clock

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