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You can download the resources below and use them under the terms of the Creative Common License under which they are released. There are more details on this license here. The images, games, and source PowerPoint files may be of interest and use to anyone looking to create and publish their own online resources.

PowerPoint Files
Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Clock Faces Microsoft PowerPoint logo

7 slides with various clock face configurations and with sectors for each minute.

Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Dominos Microsoft PowerPoint logo

29 slides with domino patterns.

Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Number Lines Microsoft PowerPoint logo

Loads of different number lines. Note: Large file - 3MB+

Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Similar Figures Microsoft PowerPoint logo

Various 2D shapes illustrating congruence and similarity.

Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Symmetry/ Reflections Microsoft PowerPoint logo

3 slides with shapes and partial shapes on background grids.

Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Ten Frames Microsoft PowerPoint logo

Pre-made 10 Frames - simple enough but will save you the bother!

Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Inequalities Microsoft PowerPoint logo

Number lines marked to represent a variety of inequalities.

Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Time Lines Microsoft PowerPoint logo

Number lines graduated to show time in hours, quarter hours, and 5 minute intervals.

Screenshot of PowerPoint slide
Volume/ Area Microsoft PowerPoint logo

Selection of images that can help when explaining or illustrating how to calculate area and volume.

Image Files
Sample screenshot of images
Fractions Zipped File logo

144 images showing a wide-range of fractions using both circle sectors and rectangular grids.

Sample screenshot of images
Place Value Blocks Zipped File logo

Place value blocks in various configurations of ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Sample screenshot of images
Cuisenaire Rods Zipped File logo

Cuisenaire Rods in color and in outline and in both horizontal and vertical alignments.

Sample screenshot of images
Geometry Zipped File logo

24 different images showing shapes and covering various geometric concepts.

Sample screenshot of images
Hundreds Charts Zipped File logo

2 colorful variations of the hundred chart/ square. Note these are vector graphics so they scale up very nicely.

Sample screenshot of images
Numbers to 100 Zipped File logo

Individual images with numbers from -25 up to 100. Originally used to create a large, wall mounted number. What could you use them for?

Games/ Online Activities
Sample screenshot from game
Drag N'Drop Zipped File logo

Simple drag and drop game with 9 cards and 9 targets. See an example here. preview icon

Sample screenshot from game
Move the Magnets Zipped File logo

A "move the magnets to answer the arithmetic question" game. See an example here. preview icon

Sample screenshot from games
Hit the Target Zipped File logo

A target game with various configuration options. e.g. timed, not-timed, randomized questions. See an example here. preview icon

Sample screenshot of the online flashcard
Online Flashcard Zipped File logo

An online flashcard for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions that just keep coming! See an example here. preview icon

Games: Instructions

Each zip file containing the games/ activities resource files also includes a Read Me file that outlines how to edit the resources to create variations of the games. This file also notes important exceptions regarding resource files that are required but that are not released under the Creative Common License.

If you need any help or if you have any feedback, we'd be delighted if you contacted us.

The target game, the drag-and-drop game and flashcard files were all developed specifically for easy alteration and re-use and would like to acknowledge the excellent multimedia work done on their behalf by Solterra Media Works and by Istvan Erdei who re-worked them into HTML5.

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