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Counting on, counting back, using number lines, charts, etc., delays the memorization of math facts. Unless your child can quickly recall facts, he or she may find it difficult to learn more advanced math.

The strategies and tricks in this section are just some of many that can be used to help your child memorize and recall addition and subtraction facts.

The guidance and practice exercises in this section have been graciously provided by Susan Greenwald, MA Ed. and are taken from her Two Plus Two is Not Five workbook. Learn more about Susan Greenwald here and the three books she has written on teaching math facts.

Using Tricks To Memorize Facts

This section introduces addition and subtraction facts with a number of easy-to-use tricks that can be used together with the practice activities, to help memorize basic facts. These tricks are listed below in pairs:

How To Use These Resources To Help Learn Math Facts

Follow these steps to help your child memorize basic addition and subtraction facts using the tricks from Susan Greenwald's Two Plus Two Is Not Five workbook.

  1. First, test to see which facts your child knows. Then record them. Create a chart (you can use this addition chart to help) and mark any facts that are already known.
  2. Teach each trick to your child and use counters (e.g. buttons) to model the trick making sure your child understands the concept behind the trick.
  3. Practice at least three times a week. Each trick begins with it's introduction. Work through these with your child and then allow them to try the practice activities.
  4. Encourage your child to use the trick's name. This will help with recalling the trick and the related facts.
  5. Notice how each trick is followed by practice activities that cover the trick as well as activities from previously learned tricks; All facts are reviewed as new ones are learned.
  6. Work at whatever speed suits your child.
  7. Use the Math Fact cards on a daily basis to review facts.

Note: Be sure your child can demonstrate the meaning of addition and subtraction before working on memorizing facts.

Get started with the first two tricks >>.

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