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Listed below are the educational activities and games that have been developed for the web site. Also listed are a number of fun math games that have been created for the BBC Schools web site. These games will be especially useful for Kindergarten through 3rd grade although they can be used by any student that wants to practice their math in a fun way.

You will also find some of the games below, along with others, listed on the multiplication games page and also on the addition and subtraction games page.

Latest Additions

The missing operators game challenges students to identify which operator ( + , - , x , ÷) is missing from the equations. e.g. 20 ? 4 = 5

The three games below have both timed and untimed versions and provide practice with number relationships. They are with numbers to 10 and are typically suited to students around the 1st grade level.

This number partitions game is good for building foundation skills for addition and subtraction.

Multiplication games

Games for practicing times tables


More multiplication games

example of target multiplication gamesThese are basic math fact games developed for

The challenge is to aim the sight and fire at any of four targets - ideally at the one that shows the correct answer to the multiplication problem!

Build the answer

example from magnet gameThese multiplication games require the "magnets" to be moved to make the correct answer.


Algebra Games

Composite or Prime number?

Fraction games

Addition and subtraction games

The games below require the numbers and signs to be moved around to make the correct answer.

Making 10 Games

And this addition and subtraction game mixes up numbers and signs for a slightly different challenge

Math games by the BBC

The BBC Bitewise team have recently updated their math(s) games. Click here to learn more about the Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica.

Extract from the Guardians - Defenders of Mathematica game

Other Math Games

Check out the games at www.mathchase.comexternal website resource for practice with times tables and other arithmetic operations.


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