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In this section of the site you will find multiplication tables, place value charts, decimal charts, a large quantity of different number lines, fraction bars, printable flashcards, and much more. All the resources are free and formatted for quick download and easy printing.You can also take any of them and modify them and reuse them on your own web site or web page.

What is in the Printables section?

Math Worksheets

extract from free printable math worksheets sectionThere are a large number of free, printable math worksheets including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, decimals, geometry, algebra, numbers (rounding, comparing, skip counting, place value, integers, multiples and factors.)

There are also several worksheet generators that provide limitless question combinations.

Multiplication Tables

The printable multiplication tables range from the 1 times to 12 times and are provided on single sheets and also in 1x - 6x, 7x - 12x, and 1x to 12x combinations. The products can be hidden so that the tables can be used as worksheets.

extract from multiplication tables listing
extract from multiplication charts page

Multiplication Charts

There are two multiplication charts, one with products to 100 (i.e. 1 x 1 to 10 x 10) and one with products to 144. The products can be hidden so that students can complete the charts as an exercise to help memorize multiplication facts.

Math Charts

There are a variety of additional math charts. These include a number grids, place value, percentages, division, and more.

example of place value charts
example of available flash cards

Flash Cards

The flash card sets cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. There are cards for printing as well as online cards. Fact triangles are also available and useful for establishing the relationship between multiplication and division.

Number Lines

Printable number lines are formatted for easy printing and are available in a large number of variations. Many of them resulted from user requests so, if you do not find what you need then please contact us and make a request.

example from printable number lines section

Fraction Lines

There are two fraction bars (one with negatives) along with a number of blank fraction lines segmented at different intervals

example of crossword puzzle

Math Puzzles

The puzzles include multiplication crosswords, squares, and number jumbles.

extract from math activities section

Math Activities

These activities will help build a foundation for math and are ideal for some fun play with your children. Ideal for kindergarten or earlier but also fun for all ages!

Addition and Subtraction Facts

Try the trick-based solutions to help your child memorize basic addition and subtraction facts.

extract from math facts section
Creative Commons licence for sharing math resources

Math Resources For Downloading

All the math resources developed by are available for downloading, editing, and re-use by anyone who wants them. Teachers who have their own web sites might find this handy.

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