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The links below list additional charts that have been developed to date including decimal/ fraction equivalency, percentage, number grids, and place value charts.

Check out the Customizable Hundreds Number Chart. You can set the start number and the interval, change the number of rows, have negative numbers, decimals, and you can start the numbers from the bottom or the top.

This is an example of a customizable math resource that lets you change the values to make the charts and tables just the way you need them.

We want to do a lot more of this type of user-controlled resource so please contact us to request such a customizable chart and we'll try to add it for you as quickly as we can.

Place Value Charts

More Place Value Charts

Number Grids/ Charts

The number grids below have some handy features; you can enter starting numbers and intervals to vary the numbers that are shown and you can also click on individual numbers to show or hide them which allows for "fill in the blanks" type activities.

Ten Frames

example of printable ten frameThis 17-page resource with printable ten frames provides a variety of different sizes and formats all of which can be used to help your children develop their number sense. It will help, in particular, with number bonds to ten.

Domino Cards

There are many games and activities involving dominoes that can help students develop number sense. Just one example is playing "snap" where, for example, the first to shout "snap" when turning over a 1 + 6 domino after a 3 + 4 domino gets the cards.

The two documents below can be printed out (ideally onto card) and cut into individual dominoes. Note: Many students will benefit from making their own domino cards by using the blanks and adding their own dots.

Fraction Dominoes

The 4 sets of dominoes below each have 20 dominoes. The first set are for practicing identifying fractions, the second and third sets are on equivalent fractions, and the fourth set cover equivalency of fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Time Dominoes

The two sets of printable cards below show dominoes for practice with telling time to the hour and half-hour and for telling time to the nearest minute. Both include two pages of cards with blank clock faces for students to make their own time dominoes; this is a great "hands-on" activity which will help many children to develop their sense of time.

List of other math charts and printables

Printing the documents

The charts are formatted for printing on one sheet of paper. Click the links above and select the Print Chart option to print the charts you want.

Note: You will find printable multiplication tables here.

Note: The Decimal/ Fractions Equivalents Chart is also included in the By Subject section under Fraction Worksheets and Charts.

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