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The worksheet generators listed below are all free and easy-to-use. They all provide a limitless number of questions that are generated together with corresponding answers. The number ranges used as well as other options can be set so the same worksheet generator can produce questions for different grade levels.

Worksheet Generators By Subject

There are 34 worksheet generators below. Click on the links or the thumbnail images of the ones you want to have a closer look at.

Addition & Subtraction

extract from addition and subtraction worksheet generator

worksheet icon Addition/ Subtraction (and Multiplication): This worksheet generator is typically suited to 1st and 2nd grades as it allows for numbers up to 100. Questions can be formatted horizontally or vertically (stacked). A maximum sum can also be set for addition so you can easily work with numbers within 10, 20, or 100. Both numbers to be added can be set to a wide or narrow range so, for example, you can get a whole worksheet with just add 9 problems.

extract from missing addends worksheet generator

worksheet icon Addition/ Subtraction (and Multiplication): This is a variation on the above worksheet generator. Questions can be presented with missing addends. e.g. 4 + ___ = 9. There are options to control the number range as well as the order of the numbers and blanks in the equations.


Worksheet Icon Number Pairs Search - to 5, 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , or, 10. Generates number squares on which pairs of adjacent numbers that add together to make a given number are circled.

extract from cuisenaire worksheet generator

worksheet icon Addition/ Subtraction: Cuisenaire Rod-like addition/ subtraction challenges with two adjoining "rods" positioned above another with a length equal to both "rods" above. Sum totals can be set and the position of the answer can be controlled. Typically suited to 1st Grade and late-Kindergarten.

extract from addition and subtraction strategies worksheet generator

worksheet icon Addition/ Subtraction: Allows addition and subtraction questions to be created and combined with adding/ subtracting zero, one, and/ or doubles. Numbers to 10 or to 20 and beyond.

extract from subtraction generator

worksheet icon Subtraction: Shows exchanging of a ten for 10 ones with place value blocks alongside the algorithmic calculation. Note: This is a follow-on from the Decompose a 10 generator in the Place Value sub-section below.

extract from adding/ subtracting larger numbers worksheet generator

worksheet icon Addition/ Subtraction (larger numbers): 3rd and 4th grade level. Allow for adding and subtracting within 1000 and also addition and subtraction with larger multi-digit numbers (up to 999,999). Questions can be just addition, just subtraction ,or a mixture of both.

extract from adding multiple addends

worksheet icon Addition with 2 to 8 Addends: Allows addition (vertically formatted) with up to 8 numbers. Maximum number can be set as 1-digit up to 6-digit.

extract from adding/ subtracting 3 numbers

worksheet icon Adding/ Subtracting with 3 Numbers: Allows addition or subtraction or a combination of both with 3 numbers (horizontally formatted). Maximum and minimum number and total (for addition) can be set.

Multiplication & Division

extract from multiplication and division worksheet generator

worksheet icon Division /Multiplication: Suited to division at the earlier grade levels particularly when learning and memorizing multiplication and division facts. Questions can be formatted horizontal or vertically and can be just division or can be a mixture of division and multiplication.

extract from multiplication and division generator

worksheet icon Division /Multiplication: Sets questions up with "missing" numbers. e.g. __ x 9 = 27, 48 ÷ ___ = 8

extract from larger numbers multiplication worksheet generator

worksheet icon Multiplication (larger numbers): 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade level. Allows for multiplication of multi-digit numbers. There are options to make either or both numbers multiples of 10 or multiples of 100.

extract from long division worksheet generator

worksheet icon Long Division: The range of divisors and dividends can be set to give multiple types and difficulty of division questions. e.g. 4-digit by 1-digit, 5-digit by 2-digit among others. There is a "no remainder option" plus there are optional guide lines to help students line up their workings.

extract from box method multiplication worksheet generator

worksheet icon Box Method (Partial Products) Multiplication Worksheet Generator: Creates 1-digit x 2-digit or 2-digit x 2-digit questions for students to answer by multiplying the tens, then the ones, and then adding the partial products to get the full answer.

extract from the grid method worksheet generator

worksheet icon Partial Products Multiplication Worksheet Generator: Follows on from the above with a variation in format. 1-digit x 2-digit questions are answered by multiplying the tens and ones separately.

Note: See under Decimals below for the Dividing Decimals Generator.


extract from fractions worksheet generator

Fractions Worksheet Generator: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing fractions questions. Mixed numbers, whole numbers, common denominators can all be set.

extract from the simplifying fractions generator

Simplifying Fractions Generator: Generates fractions that require to be simplified. Three different levels of difficulty.

extract from mixed numbers/ improper fractions generator

Improper Fractions/ Mixed Numbers Generator: Provides conversion of improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice-versa. The degree of difficulty can be controlled by limiting the whole number part and/ or the denominator range.



extract from addition and subtraction with decimals worksheet generator

worksheet icon Decimals Worksheet Generator : Typically 5th grade level questions. Provides addition, subtraction, addition and subtraction, or multiplication question sets using tenths, hundredths, or thousandths.

extract from dividing decimals generator

worksheet icon Dividing Decimals Worksheet Generator: The number range and number of decimal places can be set for both dividend and divisor.

snapshot from multiplying decimals worksheet generator

worksheet icon Multiplying Decimals: The number range for both numbers can be set. Decimals can be limited to just tenths, to hundredths, or to thousandths. Whole numbers can also be used including multiples of 10 and 100.

snapshot from rounding decimals worksheet generator

worksheet icon Rounding Decimals: The place to be rounded to get be set to the whole unit, tenth, hundredth, or thousandth as options or as a singular choice.


Place Value

extract from place value blocks worksheet generator

worksheet icon Hundreds, Tens, & Ones : e.g. Writing the number of hundreds, tens, and ones based on the quantity of place value blocks and then writing the complete number.

extract from decompose a 10 generator

worksheet icon Decompose a 10 : This is a worksheet generator that helps prepare students to subtract with regrouping by exchanging a 1 ten for 10 ones. For example, they are prompted to see 65 as 5 tens and 15 ones. The follow-on subtraction worksheet generator is listed in the Addition/ Subtraction sub-section above. There is another similar subtraction worksheet generator here.

extract from the numbers in expanded form worksheet generator

worksheet icon Numbers in Expanded Form Worksheet Generator: e.g. Writing 7,978 as 7,000 + 900 + 70 + 8. Number ranges can be set to 99, to 999, to 9,999, and/ or to 999,999.


Equations & Expressions

extract from equations worksheet generator

worksheet icon Equations: Creates four different types of simple equations. e.g. 3r = 6, 5t + 4 = 14, 8n/3 = 16, 3x/6 - 3 = 27. Types can be varied and combined on each worksheet and settings can be done for individual rows.

extract from factoring/ expanding expressions generator

The Factoring/ Expanding Expressions Generator provides two types of expression. e.g. 4x + 40 and 7c + 21d. Worksheets can be created with factoring or expanding expression questions.

extract from solving simultaneous equations generator

The Solving Simultaneous Equations Generator created questions with pairs of linear equations that can be solved to give x and y values. Typically an 8th Grade resource.

extract from factoring quadratic expressions

The Quadratic Expressions Worksheet Generator creates expressions in the form of a2 + 6a + 8 for factoring. It allows three different degrees-of-difficulty and also includes an option for questions on expanding expressions.



extract from the rounding worksheet generator

worksheet icon Rounding Numbers Worksheet Generator #1 : Rounding to the nearest 10 and/ or 100

extract from the rounding larger numbers worksheet generator

worksheet icon Rounding Numbers Worksheet Generator #2 : Rounding larger numbers from to the thousands up to the 100 millions' place.

extract from addition and subtraction worksheet generator

worksheet icon Rounding Numbers Worksheet Generator #3 : Rounding to decimal places including to the nearest whole unit, tenth, hundredth, and/ or thousandth.

extract from the percentages worksheet generator

worksheet icon Percentages Worksheet Generator: Provides two question types: e.g. What is 5% of 20, and 12 is what percentage of 40? The number and percentages ranges can be controlled.

extract from number patterns worksheet generator

worksheet icon Missing Numbers: Generates numbers sequences with a variety of intervals. Number range, interval range, number to show, number to hide, and other parameters can be set.

extract from clock face generator

worksheet icon Clock Faces: Creates a single, re-sizable clock face for which the time can be set. Handy for creating single print-outs or for creating images for use in other resources.

How to use the worksheet generators

The worksheet generators were made with ease-of-use in mind. All the parameters and options are shown at the top and, when changed, automatically refresh and update the questions. If you want answer sheets it is important that you pick the Show Answers button and print them off immediately after printing the questions as you will not be able to go back later since all the questions are generated randomly.

To print the worksheet click the (yes - you guessed it) Print Worksheet button. Note that all the option and parameter settings will not be sent to your printer.

Suggestions Please

We would be happy to hear from anyone with a feature request to enhance or add to the above worksheet generators. Contact us to make a request.

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